Patient End SpO2

Spacelabs SP-015-0660-00 Compatible SpO2 Sensor

Spacelabs SP-015-0660-00 Compatible SpO2 Sensor

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3.0m Compatible Spacelabs SP-015-0660-00 SpO2 Sensor. It is compatible with Spacelabs 1050, 1600, 1700, 90367, 90369, 90469, 90496, Ultraview, 91220, 91369, mCare 300 patient monitors. Please check your monitor before ordering. Monitors can either have Spacelabs technology (blue connector), Nellcor Oximax technology (purple connector), or Masimo technology (grey connector).

  • SP-015-0660-00 (Adult Clip)
  • SP-015-0661-00 (Multi-Site)



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