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Nihon Kohden Compatible EKG Trunk Cable

Nihon Kohden Compatible EKG Trunk Cable

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Compatible Nihon Kohden EKG trunk cable (IEC Colour Code). It is compatible with Cardiofax Q, 1350, 1350A, ECG-1250A, ECG-9620, ECG-9620L, ECG-9010, ECG-9020, ECG-9022, ECG-9110, ECG-9130, ECG-9132, ECG-9110K, ECG-9130K, Cardioline (new line), AR600adv, AR1200adv, AR1200 viewBT, AR2100adv, AR2100 viewBT, Del Mar Reynolds Voyager 12.

For use with


  • LWMQ10-LB-I
  • LWMQ10-LN-I
  • LWMQ10-LP-I
  • LWMQ10-LS-I

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Nihon Kohden

EKG Trunk Cable, Nihon Kohden