Mindray Datascope 0600 00 0094 Compatible SPO2 Sensor connector1

Patient End SpO2

Mindray (Datascope) Compatible SpO2 Sensor

Mindray (Datascope) Compatible SpO2 Sensor

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3.0m Compatible SpO2 Sensor. It is compatible with the following patient monitors: Datascope: Duo, Trio, Passport XG, DPM1, DPM2, DPM3, DPM4, DPM5, DPM6, DPM7; Mindray: PM 6000, PM 6000 (New), PM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000, PM 9000 Express, MEC 100, MEC 200, MEC 1000, MEC 1200, MEC 2000, 809B, VS 800; Edan: M3, M3A, M3B, M8, M8A, M8B, M9, M9A, M50, M80, iM8, iM8A, iM8B, iM9, iM9A, iM50, iM80 without Oximax technology; Contec; CRC Medical Health; Creative: UP-6000 and PC-9000; Danatech; Kontron: 7138, 7840, 7845; Medec: MEDEC-1000, M-1000, M-1100; Penlon InterMed PM-8000.

  • 0600-00-0094
  • 0600-00-0093
  • 360



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