GE Ohmeda OxyTip+ OXY-F-UN Compatible SpO2 Sensor

GESKU: U410B-127

Connector: Adult Clip
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1.1m Compatible GE Ohmeda OxyTip+ OXY-F-UN SpO2 sensor. It is compatible with Datex-Ohmeda TruSat 3755, TruSat TD, series 37XX, 3800, 3900, 3900P, 4700, 5250, Cardiocap 5, S/5, AS/3 (N-XOSAT or Masimo), CS/3 (M-OSAT) patient monitors.

  • OXY-F-UN (Adult Clip)
  • 6051-0000-110 (Adult Clip)
  • 6038-6000-039 (Neonate Silicon Wrap)
  • OXY-E-UN (Adult Ear Clip)
  • OXY-W-UN (Adult / Neonate Wrap)

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